Highest quality for airtightness – Components with Passive House certification make planning and installation easier

The INTELLO and AEROSANA VISCONN airtightness systems are Passive House certified

Particularly energy-efficient, permanent adhesion and reliable performance – these are the requirements that pro clima demands of its construction materials. After all, good buildings that provide healthy indoor environments can only be achieved if the quality level of the construction components is right. pro clima has this quality level checked at regular intervals by independent external bodies.

New: the AEROSANA VISCONN sprayable sealant is Passive House certified

The Passive House Institute has now confirmed that the new humidity-variable AEROSANA VISCONN airtightness sealant also fulfils its strict criteria and achieves the highest efficiency class of phA. This spray-on or brush-on airtightness sealant is proving very popular among installation technicians as its saves time and can be used flexibly. Thanks to its humidity-variable sd value, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can cover cracks and joints of up to 3 mm in width. If the system fleece is also used, then larger joints can also be dealt with. Once it has dried, AEROSANA VISCONN is permanently elastic and very resilient. It can also be plastered over without any problems.

Planners and architects are including the new AEROSANA VISCONN in their construction projects because they know that spraying or painting on provides reliable sealing for challenging detailed features. In addition, the humidity-variable diffusion resistance also provides better protection for building components. Installation technicians appreciate the ease of installation and the time savings compared to working with adhesive tapes. In this way, a seamless, sealed airtightness layer can be achieved for walls, ceilings and floors in a time-saving manner.

Just like the popular INTELLO airtight membrane, AEROSANA VISCONN too is humidity-variable. The sprayable sealant reacts to ambient humidity and adapts to the relevant conditions in an optimal manner. In this way, AEROSANA VISCONN and INTELLO can perform two functions: sealing to provide protection against moisture, while being extremely open to diffusion to allow for good drying out. As a result, building components are particularly well protected.

With INTELLO, winter building sites are not a problem

With a hydrosafe value of over 2 m, INTELLO protects insulation structures reliably – even if there is a lot of building moisture present due to plastering and the installation of screed, for example.
In addition, pro clima INTELLO is the first humidity-variable vapour retarder with European technical approval. There are a number of humidity-variable vapour retarders – Michael Förster (the head of Application Technology at pro clima) explains the differences between them in this video:

The Passive House Institute has tested the high quality of the airtightness of the INTELLO system and certified it with the highest efficiency class (phA). This humidity-variable vapour retarder system has also been awarded ETA approval. The European Technical Assessment confirms high durability even under demanding conditions, as well as compatibility with DIN 68000-2.

For buildings without damage to structures: the best products and excellent service

pro clima provides a range of services so that planners and tradespeople can use pro clima systems in an optimal manner: for example, free advice from the engineers and technicians on our Engineering Hotline, on-site support from our Field Sales team, and interdisciplinary training courses from the pro clima Knowledge Lab.

These are further reasons why the passive house designer Giuseppe Debole works with pro clima systems. In the following interview, he talks about products that are not good enough for energy-efficient construction and also discusses why his team uses humidity-variable INTELLO with Passive House certification in its designs. The interview is in German.

Do you have any questions? Our Technical Support can help you

The engineers and technicians will be delighted to answer your questions on this subject area and also regarding specific structures: https://www.proclima.com/service/technical-support

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