Intelligent, effective solutions for joints (3/8) – The challenge: cables passing underneath joists

Continuation of Part 2: The challenge: sealing cable looms

Kabelbaum über Unterzug abdichten
It is recommended to create a cable tunnel in the case of middle purlins or joists where cables come out on the other side.

If cable bundles pass though interior walls, middle purlins or joists and thus penetrate the airtight layer twice, the cables need to be stuck in an airtight manner on both sides. An alternate solution is to create a cable tunnel using prefabricated shaped elements or a box made from airtight wood-based panels. The amount of work involved in this case is significantly lower and the end result is better.

This series of articles summarises typical, challenging joint situations and shows how technicians can find practical solutions for these challenges. It also provides an overview of the detail features for which prefabricated solutions are available that allow tradespeople to achieve airtightness in a quick, easy and reliable manner.

Luftdichtung Kabeltunnel
A cable tunnel can be created without too much work by combining prefabricated shaped elements (in this case: Instaabox). This can be done significantly more quickly than sealing each cable individually.

This Series was wirtten by Jens Lüder Herms and Holger Merkel

Jens Lüder Herms, Zimmerer & Diplom-Ingenieur (FH), Exportmanager und Anwendungstechniker

Jens Lüder Herms, carpenter and graduate engineer, Export Manager and Application Technology specialist, pro clima Research and Development,, He provides insights into his work on Twitter and Instagram.

Holger Merkel, Blower-Door-Messdienstleister, Referent der pro clima Wissenwerkstatt und Leiter von Zertifizierungskursen

Holger Merkel, provider of blower door measurement services, speaker at the pro clima Knowledge Lab and instructor for certification courses.. He has documented examples of leaks in his most recent project He also publishes specialist articles on issues such as blower door tests on

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