The AEROSANA VISCONN system: Vapour retarder and airtightness seal that can be simply sprayed on

Everything can be sealed more quickly

Awkward detail features that are difficult to access, penetrations and transitions between components with lots of corners and edges are frequently encountered on building sites. With these challenges, creating airtightness seals can be a time-consuming task.

Airtightness sealing with the AEROSANA VISCONN system – a real all-rounder: whether you are sealing a large surface area or a complicated joint detail – AEROSANA VISCONN ensures permanent airtightness everywhere!

The sprayable AEROSANA VISCONN airtightness sealant offers installation technicians an alternative that they can use to seal complicated construction details just as quickly and easily as large surfaces. The AEROSANA VISCONN system is so versatile in practice that a majority of airtightness challenges that arise can be reliably solved using this product. The spray film is water-based and has achieved excellent values in hazardous substance testing.

Numerous possible interior and exterior applications

AEROSANA VISCONN is suitable for all surfaces typically found in construction, such as plastered or non-plastered masonry, porous panel-form materials or membranes. It can also be used as a bonding primer on rough or dusty subsurfaces and covers cracks and joints of up to 3 mm width. Joints of up to 20 mm width can be painted over using fibre-reinforced AEROSANA VISCONN FIBRE, an additional product in the system. To create airtight seals for bigger holes such as when sealing penetrations of pipes or ties, a piece of AEROSANA FLEECE can be used that is put in place before being painted or sprayed over.

In the case of larger joints or holes or when sealing penetrations such as pipes or ties, simply apply AEROSANA FLEECE and paint over it.

Regardless of the application, the initially paste-like substance dries and forms a durable, seamless and permanently elastic vapour-retarding and airtight layer. This can then be plastered or painted over or pro clima adhesive tapes can be applied to it. And since AEROSANA VISCONN has a humidity-variable diffusion resistance, the spray film can be applied to both the interior and exterior of building components – in the case of roof refurbishment, for example.

Excellent values in the hazardous substance test

The issue of pollutant emissions was particularly important in the development of this sprayable sealing system. After all, pro clima wishes to make a positive contribution to construction practice – with solutions that are simple and practical, that help prevent damage to buildings, and that are not harmful to the health of installation technicians and end users. AEROSANA VISCONN has achieved excellent values in independent tests for hazardous substances.

Can be sprayed on with airless sprayers or else simply painted on

The ready-to-use acrylic dispersion can be applied using airless sprayers. With this equipment, building components that would otherwise be difficult to access can be sealed with minimal effort. Airtightness sealing can also be applied quickly to large surfaces. And if you don’t have specialist equipment available and you wish to apply AEROSANA VISCONN FIBRE, simply use a paintbrush! When the substance dries, it changes colour from blue to black. The alternative is to opt for AEROSANA VISCONN white, which does not change colour but offers the same performance.

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