Hydrosafe: Maximum protection for building components

Anyone who wants to plan, build or live in a building that is free from damage should choose a vapour retarder with an effective hydrosafe value. Hydrosafe? Yes, it sounds complicated but we’ll explain what it means in simple terms in these new proclima.tv videos:

  • Hydrosafe: Maximum protection
  • Some Interesting facts about hydrosafe:

    • Humidity-variable vapour retarders are particularly reliable.
    • Hydrosafe: Maximum protection thanks to a large spread in diffusion resistance value
    • Construction sites during winter months: A vapour retarder must
      1. be sufficiently impermeable = Protection against dampness
      2. but also be extremely permeable later = Maximum drying out
    • Hydrosafe value: sd of a vapour retarder for optimal protection for building components during construction period.
    • Hydrosafe => Maximum protection: against dampness + allows for good drying out
    • Better reliability thanks to vapour retarders with a suitable hydrosafe value.

What is hydrosafe value?

In simple terms, it tells you how safe a building element is
during the construction period. Humidity-variable vapour retarders can have varying resistance to the diffusion of moisture vapour. That´s how they protect
building elements.

It is important that the spread between humidity-variable vapour resistance values is as large as possible. The reason for this is that a vapour retarder can only offer maximum
protection if it is as impermeable as possible in winter – meaning that
little moisture vapour can enter into elements.

On the other hand, it should be very open to diffusion in summer to allow elements to dry out again when necessary.


Learn more about the INTELLO SYSTEM with hydrosafe value:

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