A new type of airtightness seal: spray-on or brush-on liquid film from pro clima

This innovative product impresses with its wide range of possible applications

Spraying instead of sticking: AEROSANA VISCON can be used to create a new type of vapour retarder and airtightness seal.

Who says that airtightness films always have to come as sheeting in roll form? With AEROSANA VISCON, there is now a liquid vapour retarder and airtightness layer than can be sprayed directly onto surfaces to be sealed. When it dries out, the acrylic dispersion turns into a durable, seamless elastic protective layer. Suitable subsurfaces include non-plastered masonry, porous panel-form materials and membranes too. With its humidity-variable sd value, AEROSANA VISCON is suitable for interior air sealing and also for protected outdoor areas. The spray film is water-based and has achieved excellent values in the hazardous substance test.

Applying AEROSANA VISCON with a so-called airless sprayer may at first be hard to get used to for some installation technicians. “However, most of them don’t want to switch back again once they have tried it,” says Jens-Lüder Herms. He works in research and development at Moll pro clima, a specialist company for airtightness and windtightness seals that developed this innovative spray film. Alongside its ease of use, the versatility of this new product will also be a big hit with installation workers. AEROSANA VISCON is suitable not just for sealing flat surfaces, but can also be used for creating reliable joints between building components. It can even be used as a bonding primer on rough or dusty subsurfaces. And if you don’t have a spray device on hand, you can still apply the paste-like substance with a brush.

First blue, then black: The liquid-form acrylic dispersion turns into an airtight, humidity-variable film when it dries.

The ready-to-use acrylic dispersion is available now from dealers in 10-litre containers. Depending on the subsurface type and the application thickness, each container is sufficient to cover an area of between 10 and 15 square metres. When it dries, the substance changes colour from blue to black. The film layer can then be painted over, plastered over or have pro clima adhesive tapes applied to it.


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