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Adhesion in the area of airtightness and windtightness involves sticking parts together in a strong, permanent manner that would not stick together without the aid of adhesives. These adhesive joints should last as long as the building component itself! As well as offering high adhesive strength, these adhesive joints must also be able to accommodate typical movements in building components in line with the requirements of DIN 4108-7. The surface finish and so-called surface tension both have a decisive influence on the quality of adhesion. In order to stick materials to one another, adhesives are used that stick firmly to the subsurface (adhesion) and, at the same time, have sufficient internal strength (cohesion).

Various forces are at work in adhesive joints: cohesion, which holds the adhesive itself together, and adhesion, which holds the adhesive to the subsurface.

The final adhesive strength is critical

The most important property of a good adhesive is that it should have a high final adhesive strength. Adhesives that are too soft provide very good initial adhesion, but have relatively low final adhesive strengths. Under loads that act over the long term (e.g. due to the weight of insulation material), these joints can fail. Ideal adhesives are sufficiently ‘sticky’ to ensure the initial adhesion of the adhesive tape with the subsurface and are also sufficiently tough to support unforeseen loads without endangering the airtightness of the building envelope.

Adhesion for 100 years tested and confirmed

The University of Kassel has tested pro clima’s TESCON VANA, UNI TAPE and TESCON No.1 adhesive tapes and confirmed their adhesive strength. According to this independent test, these products will ensure reliable airtightness for 100 years.

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