Intelligent, effective solutions for joints (2/8) – The challenge: sealing cable looms

Continuation of Part 1: Typical leaks: cable feed-throughs for electrical installations

Penetration by single cables and pipes is relatively easy to solve. If adhesive tape is being used, the following steps have proven themselves in practice: first stick the adhesive tape to the cable, and then to the airtight membrane so that an L-shaped adhesive bond with both sides is formed. If more conduits or cables penetrate the airtight layer, the work needed to create an adhesive joint using adhesive tape or adhesive from a tube will be more laborious. Another disadvantage is that the adhesive comes apart as soon as you pull on it.

This series of articles summarises typical, challenging joint situations and shows how technicians can find practical solutions for these challenges. It also provides an overview of the detail features for which prefabricated solutions are available that allow tradespeople to achieve airtightness in a quick, easy and reliable manner.

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