Tom O´Leary interview: Covering the basics of complex issues of Passive Houses

Watch Tom O´Leary and Heide Gentner catching up at the North American Passive House Network Conference in New York after meeting in Darmstadt Germany, at the International Passive House Conference in 2016. Tom O´Leary, Founder of the Passive House Academy, was a speaker at the conference and hosted a workshop on multi-family buildings. The sold-out, intense session on how to achieve multi-family Passive Houses focused mainly on the tricky issues such as basements, ventilation systems, elevators, and trash shoots.

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Juan Levy on the advantages of being a Passive House Designer

Juan Levy, Passive House Designer and Founder and President of FutureFitBuilding LLC based in Philadelphia, PA, spoke with Heide Gentner of pro clima TV at the North American Passive House Network Conference. Please watch the above video to find out why Juan Levy became a certified Passive House Designer and whether designing a Passive House is difficult or not.

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