Independent, national technical approval, European: 
The INTELLO humidity-variable vapour retarder system has been awarded ETA approval

European Technical Assessment confirms high durability even under demanding conditions, as well as compatibility with DIN 68000-2

Long-term durability, even subject to extreme heat or cold: pro clima’s INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS airtight membranes are humidity-variable and very resilient. This has now been confirmed by independent technical testing by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt).

“Our humidity-variable INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS vapour retarders, together with our DB+ product, were the first humidity-variable vapour retarders to receive national technical approval from the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt). These products have now been awarded approval in the European Technical Assessment (ETA). As a result, they now also have the required proof of durability demanded by DIN 68000-2 for vapour retarders with humidity-variable diffusion resistance,”

ays carpenter and construction engineer Michael Förster, head of Application Technology at pro clima.
Sicherheit in der Konstruktion Luftdichtungssystem INTELLO
Humidity-variable vapour retarder and airtight membranes. INTELLO – The high-performance system from pro clima for maximum reliability. Even on structures with demanding engineering conditions.

Advantages of humidity-variable vapour retarders: Maximum reliability for built structures

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John Druelinger – pro clima TV interview at the NAPHN 2016

John Druelinger of 475 High Performance Building Supply spoke with pro clima´s Heide Gentner at the North American Passive House Conference 2016 in New York City about retrofits and renovations in the North East United States. Airtight sealing is an important topic for Druelinger who is an avid blogger. He uses twitter and facebook to spread the word about airsealing and supports the movement to increase energy use, comfort, and health for the buildings´ occupants.

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